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Morning all! Brace yourself for a heartfelt post… 😁 As you may or may not know, I’ve worked tirelessly over the past few years to develop a range of really comfortable, versatile nappies for all ages- child to adult. Starting out in 2011, out of desperation I made a mega absorbent XL night nappy for our Maia and shared my crafty exploits on Facebook, I fully expected this to be just a hobby and I’d ultimately return to work using my German speaking skills….but it blossomed as I developed new designs for my subsequent big bottomed kids and talked to adults and parents desperately seeking something to comfortable and effective. Not only have I designed the full range, I still make it too, whilst simultaneously crowd controlling 3 small children (8, 7 and 2). For this reason orders are rarely shipped immediately, queries may not be answered immediately and I might not always answer the phone… As we grow as a business (we being Snuggleblanks and Blanken Care) we’re seeing a massive upsurge in interest after exhibiting at trade shows and speaking to distributors and we’re looking at ways of reducing costs and having products in stock and ready to go. But I’m also obliged to feed and clothe the aforementioned small people and keep a roof over our heads, so we’re always struggling to find the finance to upscale. As far as we’ve discovered, there’s noone else really that does quite what we do…and there’s nothing better than someone emailing you to thank you for changing their life…so we HAVE to get our range more established and widely available before someone else pinches our ideas, and the blood, sweat and frequent tears over the last few years have been for nothing. For this reason I’ve made the decision to look for an investor; someone who can support not just with finance but with guidance too; someone who wants to be part of a global venture. **Be part of something life-changing!** If you or someone you know may be interested, please PLEASE get in touch: Info@blankencare.com ir 07976 260508 In the meantime, for the most comfortable, most effective reusable nappies, pullups and pads, please keep supporting us at: Www.snuggleblanks.co.uk Www.blankencare.com * ECO10 will get you 10% on both websites * Vicky

Mum or businesswoman? …Both…

My biggest challenge since founding Snuggleblanks and Blanken Care has been juggling business with motherhood to three young children, often alone whilst daddy worked 200 miles away.

Over recent weeks I’ve witnessed my youngest tot moving up from babies to toddlers class in nursery, listened to him try out new nuances of language, stood back as he’s developed new, more grown up skills leaving babyhood far behind and watched as he’s transformed into a confident, independent little chap.

Today he turned 2.

Coupled with the 8 and nearly 7s going back to school tomorrow, (and the relief brought by diminishing ‘baby brain’) this feels like a huge, poignant landmark for me.

Whilst I’ll always be mum, I can now strive to follow the career ambitions I’d always aspired to upon graduation and before small people came into the picture.

Instead of three little people depending on me for absolutely everything and business having to take patiently take a backseat, I now have three bright and ambitious young people who want to and CAN support mummy insetad. The roles are switching!

Now’s the time for big change in the Blanken house. Bring it on!

Fluffy and light!

Our new ContiSlip Lights are becoming very popular!

Luxuriously soft bamboo teamed with a thirsty removable cotton core make them a quick drying, adaptable continence solution.
Now with added leak guards for flow control. Team our soft waterproof ContiCovers for one of the best nappy systems on the market!

Available in adult XS to XL.


(Coming soon to our children’s range.)

Still need convincing? Add code ECO10 at check out and get a cheeky summer discount!

Make a splash with our washable swim nappies, child to adult

‘The picture doesn’t do it justice. Gorgeous print, very soft… These are going to be put to good use in the hydrotherapy pool … many thanks x

A very appreciative Mum’

Don’t let little accidents and incontinence disrupt swimtime.

Our waterproof washable swim nappies contain gussets and double fastening for extra security, and come in a variety of attractive prints ranging from child sizes up to adult XL.

We hadnt realised there was such a shortage of reusable swimmers!


5 star reviews!

‘I would urge any adult with a condition…to give the ContiSlips and associated products a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed’- Kevin, North Yorkshire.

We specialise in ultra comfortable, ultra absorbent reusable continence wear for older children and adults, offering peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

Hand-made by a family firm in Lancashire, we’re happy to answer any queries and accommodate customisation where possible.

Try code ECO10 for 10% off our website.


Light and Lush

Our new ‘ContiSlip Light’ are on the machine today. A quick dry alternative to our original ContiSlips.

Soft bamboo, stay dry microfleece and a pocket to customise absorption, these are becoming a popular ‘away from home’ option.


How high is your waste?

This has been bubbling away in my head for weeks..   

You all know that we’re desperately working to  move mindsets away from the disposable culture.

Did you know that an incontinent adult is prescribed on average just 4 disposable pads per day? If we stacked those up, unused, they’d reach as high Nelson’s Column in just a year!!!  

That’s a LOT of landfill!

By switching to washable cloth pads and ContiSlips, you could have a small, modest, more effective stash, with no waste, that pays for itself within around 3 months and lasts for years!!!

Why aren’t we insisting that health authorities make the switch?



We need your help!

Could you help us?
Over the last 6 months Snuggleblanks and Blanken Care have shifted from work from home mum status, to a serious competitor in the world of continence and cloth nappies.
However there are still only a couple of us, and several small children occupying our time too.
In order for us to survive as a business, we now need more distributors for both our adult and child range and to get the word out there about our high quality, high absorbency products.
You, the user, are our best sales tool!
* are you a nappy or continence wear retailer looking for reusable products that really work?
* do you have contacts within continence teams or disability groups who may benefit from our products?
*would you be interested in becoming an ambassador for Snuggleblanks and Blanken Care? This may involve recommending us, sharing our marketing campaigns, passing on unique to you referral codes. In exchange we’ll offer you loyalty points, discounts and the opportunity to try new and exciting products!
*any other great ideas!
If you think you can help, please email us at info@blankencare.com with your thoughts. 

Thankyou thankyou !

Say hello to the ContiCover!

For a good while now (years in fact!), our lovely customers (no names) have been nagging me to create a ‘bombproof’ waterproof cover that complements our Contislip range.. 

And just in time for World Continence Week… we’ve done it!

Introducing the ContiCover; a soft and breathable waterproof wrap that’ll guarantee you dry sheets and clothing!

Grab yours over at Blanken Care now!

Vicky (designer/creator of Blanken Care)