What makes Blanken Care & Snuggleblanks nappies & pads stand out from the rest?

It’s been a while since I posted on here, so busy have I been at the sewing machine.

But, it’s a new year, my little ones are becoming every more independent and so I’m more determined than ever to promote the benefits of reusables.

Today we’ll focus on our best selling ContiSlip Light.

Read on to find out more…

1) Firstly, they’re extremely soft, made from ecofriendly & extra thirsty bamboo terry and staydry microfleece against the skin. (Bamboo itself has naturally antibacterial properties and is extremely fast growing making it a sustainable source of fabric)

2) Each nappy contains gently elasticated leak guards ensuring a snug and safe fit.

3) a)The pull out cotton core can be folded and adjusted to suit your exact needs. Front sleeper? Tuck more absorbency to the front of the nappy. Side sleeper? Spread the wings of the trifold to add even more absorbency to the bamboo over the hip area.

b) oh…and the fact its pull-out-able means the whole thing dries much quicker, either on the line or in the dryer.

4) Our nappies are available in 8 sizes, from tiddler to adult, meaning we’ve something for everyone. (See Snuggleblanks for children’s sizes)

5) A nappy can contain an astonishing 1.5 and 2.5 litres (*according to size) and last up to 12 hours, giving all night comfort and dryness.

6) Whether you want colour or calm, our waterproof wraps are available in a range of prints – plain or patterned.

7) Looked after they can last 200+ washes so whilst initial investment may seem high, you’ll start to save money within weeks (and think of how much you’ll be saving from landfill).

8) Every Snuggleblanks / Blanken Care nappy has been carefully designed and crafted by a mum who was desperate to find a suitable nappy for her own autistic daughter, so we really do understand your needs.

9) We’ve been clinically trialled! Our products have been tried and tested by prostate cancer patients and proven to be effective. We’re now involved in an ongoing project which will hopefully make reusables more widely available to all.

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Please bear with us if we don’t respond right away, we’re still a tiny company and juggling multiple jobs at once.

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