Why do I need a separate waterproof cover?

Q : ‘Why do I need a separate waterproof cover with Blanken Care’s ContiSlip & ContiSlip Light? Why can’t the waterproof layer be built in?’

In short, you don’t always and it can…

Lots of other nappies on the market- child & adult – are what we call ‘all in ones’ or ‘pockets’
This means they’re essentially a shell, often comprised of synthetic, non or low absorbency material, into which can be placed absorbent inserts of your choice.

Sounds ideal?

Well…yes, they’re very easy to use, quick to dry and convenient. Great for daytime use certainly. We use them for our kids and change regularly

However, unlike our ContiSlip range (also known as Superwetters and Superwetter Quickdry at our sister site Snuggleblanks), they don’t offer all round high absorbency especially at the sides, which makes our ContiSlips ideal for heavy wetting night time fidgeters & side sleepers.

The natural fibre structure of the ContiSlips & Lights means moisture can be absorbed and dissipated all the way round the nappy, whilst the soft inner microfleece keeps skin dry.

The nappy itself contains inner leak guards, which guide moisture towards the pull out cotton core.
A breathable waterproof wrap over the top, with elasticated legs then keeps everything securely contained.

By comparison a pocket/all in one rarely has absorbency to the sides and no additional barrier against leaks.

In summary, if you’re fed up with damp beds regularly changing and want a long lasting, high absorbency solution, then it’s worth a try- child or adult.

Please feel free to ask us any more questions or try one out here

ContiSlip bundle

*pictured: adult medium ContiSlip Light with waterproof cover. This size without additional insert holds around 1200ml, with booster approx 2100ml*

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