Plush Pants or Paper Waste?

Let’s face it, anyone would prefer a comfortable cotton pair of pants over a pair of rustly paper knickers.

Why should it be any different to the number of folk living with light/moderate incontinence these days?

Our discreet and comfortable pullups are great daytime alternative to child or adult nappies and are available in a range of colours and prints.

With hidden waterproof (non rustle) barrier, stay-dry microfleece against the skin, and outer design of your choice, they also feature an inner pocket, into which you can insert as much as absorbency as you require.

(Standard insert included absorbs up to 1 litre, but more can be added)

*pictured is adult medium jersey style with cotton insert.

Find adult sizes at

or our sister company Snuggleblanks for children’s options and additional prints.

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